Antarctic expedition from July 1989 to March 1990

The largest Antarctic dog-sled crossing by an international expedition: Will Steger (United States), Jean-Louis Etienne (France), Viktor Boyarsky (USSR), Qin Dahe (China), Geoff Sumer (Great Britain) Brittany) and Keizo Funatsu (Japan).

On July 25, 1989, the team departed from the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula for an unprecedented crossing. In front of her, 6,300 kilometers of white desert. The expedition consists of three sleds of food and materials, each pulled by twelve dogs. The men ski alongside the teams, traveling on average 33 km per day on the whole crossing. On December 11, 1989, they reached the South Pole, where Amundsen-Scott is based. In early February, here they are in Vostok, the Russian base, the coldest place in the world. Finally, seven months after departure on March 3, 1990, they arrive at Mirny Station on the east coast.

Book : TransAntarctica – Ed. Robert Laffont
Film : Au Sud du Sud – by Laurent Chevallier