Expedition to Patagonia in 1982 and 1991

Ascension (1982)
Jean-Louis Etienne made his first expedition to the mountains of Patagonia in 1975. In 1982, he returned on board Gauloise III for a new sea and mountain expedition. The goal: the ascent of Riso Patrón, a summit accessible only by the sea. There is only one photo of this summit, because the winds coming from the Pacific constantly darken the sky. Stuck in bad weather for ten days, the team does not reach the summit, but nevertheless makes the first crossing of Hielo Continental, a huge glacier separating the Pacific Ocean from the Andes.

Navigation (1991)
With his boat Antarctica, Jean-Louis Etienne explores the channels of Patagonia at Tierra del Fuego, via Cape Horn, to make a series of films for an educational program on the southern regions. The crew meets crustacean fishermen in the fjord of Geronimo, then heads to Puerto Misericordia to find the wreck of Santiago, a ship stranded more than a century ago.