Antarctica is the great expedition boat I dreamed of. It germinated in my head since the return of Greenland in 1979. It is inspired by the mythical Fram of Nansen who, carried by the Transpolar Drift Current, crossed the Arctic Ocean without a hitch. It is a ship whose powerful structure and the rounded shape of the hull, allow to escape the crash by the pack ice.
Architects O.Petit and L.Bouvet. Engineers M.Franco and Y.Mégret. SFCN shipyard led by Jeanne-Marie Baudron. An aluminum ship, 36 m long, 10 m wide.
After 8 years of exploration, I sold it to Sir Peter Blake (unfortunately murdered on board in the Amazon). It belongs today to the Tara Expedition Foundation. He has done the Arctic drift and continues his programs for scientific and educational purposes.

Book : Antarctica, une aventure dans les mers australes – Ed. Gallimard