Expedition to the North Pole from April to July 2002

Deposited at the North Pole in April 2002, the pack ice will take me to north-east Greenland. The speed of movement will depend on the wind conditions and the state of the ice: it can vary between 5 and 20 km per day.

After 3 months of sailing with the drift currents, I will be recovered by an icebreaker who will meet me at the beginning of July 2002.

The program of observations and measurements of this expedition concerns the meteorology, the atmosphere, the sea ice, the polar ocean, the sea life under the pack ice, the fauna, a dataset on the state of the Arctic ecosystem and its evolution, in the climatic context and the contamination of the global environment that concerns us today.

Book : Mission Banquise – Ed. Seuil / 7e Continent
Film : Mission Banquise – by Emilio Maillé