Adventure cruises by Jean-Louis Etienne

Adventure cruises by Jean-Louis Etienne

I built the sailing ship Perseverance to assist the Polar Pod.

Pod expedition, she offers you a unic chance to travel enboard a ship built for adventure and science.

Exclusive ecotourism cruises abord a mythical boat that will be used for the greatest polar expedition of modern times.

With Persévérance, adventure will become real. Whether she’s whispering or screaming, her voice will be irresistible !

Découvrir les croisières Persévérance
Jean-Louis Etienne M.D. - Explorer
Jean-Louis Etienne M.D. - Explorer

Eco-designed to reduce the environmental impact, Perseverance offers you ethical journey committed to the preservation of ecosystems.

Ship’s particulars

  • Length : 42 m
  • Width : 11 m
  • Draft : 4,15 m
  • Speed : 10 knots
  • Capacity : 12 passengers
  • Cabins : 8