Southern Ocean Expedition from August 1991 to February 1992

On its way, the Antarctica goes to meet a wild nature, mainly inhabited by animals. The whole team fell in love with South Georgia, a small island bristling with mountains and glaciers, whose shores are torn by deep fjords. Apart from English scientists charged with studying geology, biology, meteorology and oceanography, the island is the kingdom of animals. Sea lions, elephant seals and seals live alongside more than 30 species of birds (penguins, albatrosses, petrels …).

On August 6, Antarctica leaves from the Valdes Peninsula, Argentina, to observe whales. The crew then sets sail for the British Falkland Islands, where they meet fishermen and sheep farmers. After passing through the Strait of Magellan, Patagonia and the legendary Cape Horn, he travels to South Georgia, a paradise for the fauna of the Southern Ocean, then heads to Antarctica. Antarctica crosses the first icebergs and goes to the Orkney Islands, inaccessible because of the ice, then to the South Shetlands, before reaching Antarctica. The expedition returned to Patagonia on January 17, after six months of sailing in particularly difficult seas.

Livre : Antarctica, une aventure dans les mers australes – Ed. Gallimard