Arctic Ocean Expedition in April 2010

After having reached the North Pole by pulling alone his sled for 63 days (1986), drifted for four months on the pack ice aboard the Polar Observer (2002), Jean-Louis Etienne decided to embark on the solitary crossing of the Arctic Ocean. in a balloon: Spitzbergen, North Pole, Alaska, a 3500 Km course. Through this daring crossing, he wants to draw the attention of the world to the climatic chaos on a planetary scale that the disappearance of the Arctic sea ice would cause.

On April 5, 2010 at 3 am, the router Luc Trullemans gives the green light weather. JLE takes off from Spitzbergen at the command of a « rozière », a mixed helium / hot air balloon. Arriving in the vicinity of the North Pole, a storm will drive the balloon to Siberia where it will land after 5 days of a tough journey: most often without visibility, power failure, flight 200 m from the pack ice, risk of grounding, insomnia, fire on a burner, cerebral edema at 5000 m altitude to join Siberia!

Although the wind pushed him away from the road he had set for himself, he managed the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean in a balloon.