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Jean-Louis Etienne

Jean-Louis Etienne

Exploring, understanding, sharing.
Jean-Louis Etienne first joined the lecture circuit after taking part in the round-the-world yacht race with Eric Tabarly. At that stage of his life, when his time was divided between expeditions and medical consultations, he wanted to make sure that opportunities for public speaking were used to share with others his desire to do something worthwhile with his life.

Jean-Louis Etienne returned from his solo “walk” to the North Pole with two “tools” to use in his future life: the fame that would allow him to reach larger audiences, and confidence in his ability to carry our difficult projects successfully. On his return he was quoted as saying: “You don’t push back your limits, you find out where they really are”.

His flair for pedagogy was to lead Jean-Louis Etienne to deliver simple explanations for complex phenomena, to pitch his language to the ability to understand of his audience.

Managing his expeditions has refined his skills and as entrepreneur and team leader, and Jean-Louis Etienne now gathers around him teams of people that can share his passion for undertaking new challenges.

Over the past 20 years, Jean-Louis Etienne has been asked by numerous media and private companies to share his views on environmental issues and the paths to sustainable development.
Speaking engagements

Private companies :
IBM, France Télécom. Société Générale, Areva, Adem,Stade de France, Air Liquide, Total, Groupe Leclerc, Véolia Environnement, Renault, Eco Emballage, Crédit Agricole, Gaz de France, Unilever…

Institutions :
Sénat, Assemblée Nationale, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Centrale Paris, HEC, Universités et écoles d’ingénieur.

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