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Monday August 20 2012
POLAR POD project is on the rails

Technical design

Combining the research and experience of the U.S. FLIP with the "spars" of the offshore industry, naval architects Ship Studio have designed a very stableplatform, both horizontally when towed to the study area, and vertically when caught in a storm. The flipping by ballast protocol allows the crew to maneuver with troughs of 4 to 5 m. The frequency heave of 38 s is far from the surge of the "furious fifties" (22 s) which avoids entering into resonance with the swell. The POLAR POD is technically ready to fulfill its mission, which is to drift around the Antarctic along the Circumpolar Current.

Scientific program

Ensuring a continuous human presence in all seasons in the Southern Ocean is a challenge that the POLAR POD is able to meet. We receive numerous letters of interest in various fields of study, such as atmosphere-ocean exchange (CO2), acidification, acoustics, aerosols, study of currents, in situ validation of satellite measurements, biological inventories of the plankton and fauna (marine birds and mammals). The program promises to be very instructive.

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