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Jean-Louis Etienne
Thursday December 20 2012
Lecture in Washington
December 14, Jean-Louis Etienne did a lecture at the french ambassy in Washington, DC
Watch the lecture 1:16
Jean-Louis Etienne   Tuesday December 11 2012
Lecture in US
Famed French polar explorer and physician Jean-Louis Etienne will start a lecture tour on « Oceans and Ice Caps : What the Poles Tell Us About Our Future ». Dr. Etienne will talk about these regions, so dear to his heart, about their evolution over the past 30 years, and about what polar science can bring to our understanding of the impact of human activities on Earths delicate balance. He will also describe his next expedition, the Polar Pod, a one year drift around Antarctica in the furious fifties to measure the exchanges between ocean and atmosphere. Speaking in 5 cities (Boston, MA  Dec 12th, Washington, DC  Dec 14th, Shreveport, LA  Dec 15th, Birmingham, AL  Dec 16th and Reno, NV  Dec 17th).
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